Get started with Basic Core Template With Angular for Visual Studio

For starter let mention again the prerequirements:

You will need to have Windows installed to run this project, preferably latest version. Then on top of that you have to have VIsual Studio 2017 with latest updates possibly. Up to this point you will be able to open your project, but still you wouln't be able to run it.
The project works with SQL Database, so you will need to have SQL server installed, SQL Express is a great free solution.
The rest of the program stack that you need to have installed concerns the client side part of the project.
Download and install NodeJs server if you don't have it yet. Once you have it, you can install npm, which is the package manager of node. Once you have npm you can install Gulp, which is a npm package. The last three components are strongly connected as you can see. They have to be installed in the described order.

Let's assume that you got that covered (without installing gulp) and continue with final steps.

  • Open Cmd (might need to open it as Administratior) and type npm install gulp -g, which will install the gulp package globally
  • Locate the zip folder of the solution, and extract it
  • Enter the Web Project folder in the File explorer
  • Open Cmd and navigate to the same folder, or just press Shift + Right Click and choose Open Cmd (or PowerShell) here and type npm install and after a few minutes you will have a new folder containing the node packages called node_modules
  • After you have this type gulb build wait for a minute and wwwroot folder will be created for you
  • Open Visual Studio 2017 -> File -> Open -> Project/Solution and find your newly extracted project
  • After the solution opens it will start automatic NuGet package restore, wait a bit then Build the solution
  • When the build is successful check appsettings.json for your connection string validity. Check point 5 from this article about more information: How to run template
  • Run the web project, and you will be able Login, Register and create TODO records