1.Locate your {AppName}.zip file

Usually it's in the download directory

2.Unzip the file

When you do that you will have a folder called "Source"

Source code of the ASP.NET application

3. Run the application

Click the {AppName}.sln file. To open the application you have to have Visual Studio preferably the latest, but for the most of the templates VS2013 is OK also

Run the template with Visual Studio

4. Build the application

When building the first time you will download all NuGet packages as well, this is why it will take at least a couple of seconds. The Result should be as follow. (F6) or (CTRL+SHIFT+B) or Build->Build Solution

Build ASP.NET application

5. Check the database connection string

To develop applications for ASP.NET you would need Database server. It might be SQL, MYSQL or some NO-Relational database server. Here are a couple of examples using SQL server

If you have isntalled SQLEXPRESS, add this is your web.config file
connectionString='Data Source=.\SqlExpress;Initial Catalog=CarsApp;Integrated Security=True'
If you have isntalled the regular SQL, add this is your web.config file
connectionString='Data Source=.\;Initial Catalog=CarsApp;Integrated Security=True'
For more information about the connection strings check this: www.connectionstrings.com/sql-server

6. Run the application

Set your {AppName}.Web project as default and run it.