1.Choose your ASP.NET template first

Each template has features, most important of which are documented under the description

Selecting MVC project

2.Add name of your application

This would be your solution and project names, if you were using Visual Studio

Add project name

3. Click download

Wait for about 20 seconds while the project is being created (and uploaded to your profile if your are registered)

Download the template

4. Find the downloaded zip file

The result of the download is a zipped folder containing more than 10 project (well explained in the "Separation of concerns feature")

Find downloaded zip

*if by any chance your file is not downloaded, but marked as dengerous, you should choose "Save anyway", there is no virus, it is just the source code of the web application. This warning is diplayed by Google Chrome automatically, for files which are not frequently downloaded. In your case each file is unique becouse everybody's project name is by his choise.